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IAESTE News | The Inspiring Week of 3I-LePA Program 2016 Fall

来源:爱因斯特中国 发布时间:2016/10/16 0:00:00

October 11th to 13th, with 3I-LePA program of IAESTE China and Shanghai University, 17 foreign talents had experienced local campus life and Chinese culture!



LePA, Learning through Participation and Achievements workshop and case study really gave our students a head start when facing challenges and difficulties. Culture and language classes got the talents better prepared for their survival skills in China

Visit the China Art Museum and EXPO Site


Blend in with Chinese friends and experience the campus life


More exploring at the amazing city Shanghai

Right now, all the 3I-LePA talents are ready to participate in their IAESTE cultural program in different cities, looking forward to more experience and inspiration!