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Council for International Training and Development


Council for International Training & Development is an exchange and cultural organization promoting global understanding and collaboration among individuals and institutions in China. CiTD offers consultation for Chinese HR departments in how managing global talents programs, trainings, organisational development, understanding different cultures and brining cross-culture skills, creativity and innovation to its employees. In addition, CiTD offers programs for Chinese, foreign young talents or professionals who are interested in exploring other cultures, to learn new perspectives, share different knowledges and exchange best practices.

LePA Program was founded in 2014 initiated by CiTD team along with its employer’s partners, in the aim of creating an international cross-cultural working environment with the philosophy of “Learning through Participation & Achievement” (LePA).

The program involves the participation of foreign talents, their Chinese mentors and supervisors, managers and HRs of the company. Learning how to successfully manage a cross-cultural team is the key purpose of LePA, which helps Chinese employees to utilize global talents and how a foreign talent and a Chinese can achieve excellent work. It is the most economic and time effective way to give employees international standard training, practice and exposure while not taking time away from work and paying millions to go abroad while creating a cross-cultural environment in your company. Interested in bringing to your company LePA?

Contact us to bring LePA at your company: info@iaeste-china.org


CiTD Recruits offer to companies the chance to reach our talent pool, specially from IAESTE, screen the applications, and find the most ideal candidate for your company.

Our talents are those who have already been selected by their home countries to work abroad. With international work experience and exposure, they proved to be high quality and reliable, less prone to culture shock with an international mindset. 

Contact us to bring these candidates to your company: info@iaeste-china.org


CiTD in partnership with CI Experience Brazil we welcome you to experience one of the most fascinating countries in South America, Brazil. CI Experience Brazil is the largest exchange and youth tourism company in Brazil. For 26 years on the market and has sent more than half a million people for programs that combine study, work and leisure abroad. In cooperation with IAESTE Brazil, CI developed a special business unit called CI Experience Brazil, focused on receiving international young travelers all year around for cultural, educational and social activities. For more information, contact CiTD team and we will assist you in any of CI programs: info@iaeste-china.org


3I (Inter-culture Inspires Innovation) Program was created in 2016 by the CiTD team to provide a platform for foreign talents to unlock their potential to be innovative during their time in China. The program can be independent or could be collaborated with universities or companies to inspire students to become more innovative by combining their unique cultural background with Chinese culture.

Foreign students who participated in the program proved to be more motivated and proactive in their projects and communication with their company mentors. Students are well trained, open-minded and ready to inspire before they head to their employers. Are you a foreign student in China looking to improve your professional and communication skills in China? If yes, this is your program! 

Contact us if you are interested to: incoming.students@iaeste-china.org