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Council for International Training and Development

Why partner with us?

With the acceleration of globalization, the rise of transnational corporations in the global economy, global talent exchange platform for IAESTE establishment is playing an increasingly important role. Not only for IAESTE young talents (especially college students, graduate students) to provide the understanding of different countries and cultural exchange platform, but also become an important channel for training and recruitment of high-end multinational Global Business Companies of young professionals.
IAESTE international has participated in the total number of enterprises reached more than 4000, distributed in more than 90 countries worldwide. Their common features are: with a global development perspective; the desire for international young talents; creative multicultural working environment; recognition and support of IAESTE philosophy, culture and value. The international well-known enterprises to participate in the IAESTE program: IBM, Boeing, DuPont Co, Microsoft Corp, HSBC, Bayer, SIEMENS, Sony Corp, DELL, Alston and other multinational companies, Nestle well-known enterprises.
At the same time, CiTD (Council for International Training & Development is a cultural exchange organization dedicated to promoting international consensus and cooperation Chinese between individuals and organizations) to provide professional consulting services for the China HR team covers how to manage international talents, to help employees understand the different cultural differences, enhance cross-cultural skills training innovative thinking, enhance the work of creativity.

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